White wines

Welschriesling, late harvest 2019, Leva Klentnicka

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Due to the noticeable limestone in the subsoil, this Welsch Riesling has a significant minerality in the aroma and flavour which is complemented by a hint of lime and linden blossom.

  • Content 0,75 l
  • Sugar 2,3 g/l
  • Acidity 7,0 g/l
  • Alcohol 13,5 obj.%
250 Kč 207 Kč bez DPH skladem
  • Attribute: Late harvest
  • Sugar content at harvest: 23,3 NM
  • Obsahuje SO2

Oenoforum 2020 - Gold medal

Prague Wine Trophy 2020 - Prague Gold

Salon vín 2021 - Silver medal