About our winery

Attention to good wine is something that the Mikulov region inherited, but getting that may last for generations and costs a lot of effort and sacrifice.

The Volařík's family has been growing their honest love for wine since World War II, when the founder of the family tradition, Leopold Volařík, learned the art of viticulture and wine-making from long-time German dwellers. With the forced collectivization disrupting the development of the winery tradition, any return to wine-making was not possible until the 1989 revolution, when vineyards were gradually given back to their original owners as part of restitution.

Volarik winery

The founder of Volarik winery that entered the market under this brand in 2007 is Ing Miroslav Volařík. We manage 80 hectares of integrated production vineyards in our property, of which a total of ​​4.2 ha are organic vineyards. We produce predicate wines, especially white wines.

Our viticulture methods put great emphasis on the quality of grapes, terroir, responsible approach to grapes or vineyards and employs the latest technology and knowledge when processing grapes, in addition to taking utmost care when considering the location of the vineyard in developing its own range of terroir wines, thus joining the most reputable vineyards with the best variety. The resulting wine offers the unique symphony of colour, aroma and taste. White labels TERROIR are marked according to vineyard - Kotelna, Zelezna, Orechova hora, Vestonsko, Purmice, U Venuse.

Volarik winery have managed very promptly to take their place amongst the highest quality wine producers in the Czech Republic and are successful at competitions in the country and abroad, as a result of their diligence, trainability, humility, selection of great experts and an abiding love of wine. The most prestigious domestic awards we have won include Champion of Valtice Wine Market, The King of Wine and Winemaker of the Year.


Winery is member of VOC Pálava, VOC Mikulovsko and Aliance vinařů V8 since 2011, the alliance of wine-makers who united under a common aim of promoting the production and publicity of quality Moravian wines.